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Only 12 hours from Warren, Ohio.  9 hours from border.

Directions to Camp Denis
From USA (Buffalo (Fort Erie), NY)

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  • From The Peace Bridge at Buffalo (Fort Erie), New York,  turn on your GPS and punch in Winneway.
  • Have Toll money ready available after you are cleared from the Border gate.
  • Exchange American Money for Canadian money.
  • At least another nine (9) hours to Camp Denis.
  • Keep vehicle filled up with gas as you travel or carry a 5-gallon gas can in vehicle after the border.
  • Take QEW-North to 407 Express East for about 40 miles then Exit 400 to Barrie.
  • Continue to Barrie to 11 North to North Bay.
  • Take 3rd light in North Bay turn right on Route 63 for about 44 miles to Témiscaming.
  •  (**Last gas station to fill up, fill up gas can),
  • Then, take Route 101 North.

Take the Short cut to Camp Denis located at Rapide-Sept (this short cut saves 130 miles).

  • Take 101 for 44.2 miles to 391 for 9.7 miles
  • Turn right for ¾ mile turn right on dirt road for 8.5 miles.
  • Turn right on 382 for 28.8 miles to town Belleterre, then go straight through the town, and bear left onto a dirt road to LaForce sign and continue for 19 miles.
  • Then, turn right to Winneway and one mile before Winneway look for Camp Denis sign then turn right onto dirt road.
  • Go 10 miles to Indian Rock look for Rapide-Sept sign.
  • Turn left at Indian Rock for 20 miles. Watch for Camp Denis sign and turn right.
  • If you reach the Damn you’ve gone too far.

If you go pass the shortcut to Route 101 continue to Notre Dame (du-Nord) on route on 101 to Rouyn-Noranda located on route 117 to Cadillac.


Directions to Camp Denis
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Call Darryl Ohl at Camp Denis at 819-759-3536 if Lost.

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