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Spring Bear hunting

Offered: May and June

Camp Denis is known as "The black bear specialists!". If you're looking for an outstanding bear hunting experience then you have found the right place.

With 63 active Bait Sites and adding more each year with cameras on the sites. To hunt from, we have Ground Blinds, single and double tree stands. Also, we have bait sites set up for the physically challenged hunter with easy access to the sites. Our success rate is in the high 80% to mid 90% and depends on the hunter.

Bear camera pictures
  • 7-day hunt
  • Includes lodging
  • Includes hunting license
  • Includes three (3) meals per day. 
  • Hunt with anything but handgun. 
  • Guided hunts available on request.
  • Includes field dress and processing.
  • Bears are skinned out, quartered and frozen by our guide as part of your package (tipping is appreciated).
  • Tipping appreciated for guide dog tracking

Not included

  • All toiletries
  • Soap
  • Pillow
  • Linens
  • Blankets
  • Toilet paper
  • etc.
Handicap accessible camps and hunting sites.


2018 Bear Hunting Pictures

Click here to view hunting pictures from previous years

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